New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance Offers Guidelines for Resuming Certain Medical Procedures

Public Health Watch Dog Group Provides Plan to Allow for Needed Medical Procedures as State Moves Forward in its Recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic   Trenton – As Gov. Phil Murphy extends his State of Emergency Declaration by an additional 30 days, the New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance (NJDPA) is offering guidelines to begin resuming necessary medical

COVID-19 Video Conference Telehealth Regulations – Hosted by Rutgers Project ECHO

During the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis, experts from the New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety-Division of Consumer Affairs, Department of Banking and Insurance, New Jersey Department of Human Services – NJ Medicaid are hosting a video conference on telehealth regulations during COVID-19 to provide up-to-date information on the temporary telehealth waivers, insurance coverage and

New Jersey Doctor Patient Alliance / Mercury Strategic Affairs Webinar: CARES Act Explained

The financial health of clinical practices as they react to COVID-19 pandemic is a critical concern of many New Jersey Doctor Patient Alliance members. This webinar will feature a discussion with the Mercury Strategic Affairs team of former US Senator , David Vitter, former US Congressman, Vin Weber and led by policy expert Mike DuHaime.

Masks explained

By Stavros Christoudias, MD, FACS   One of the most common questions I get asked is on the different types of masks and the different purposes for the different types. There are two basic functions of masks and you can separate them by each function: To protect everyone else from your contaminants coming out of